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Third wheel

The third wheel is the smallest in the going train of my watch, with 90 teeth. The process for making this was:

1. Cut a wheel blank out of 0.2mm titanium sheet.

2. Attach the blank to a brass wax chuck with superglue and turn down to the wheel full diameter on the Schaublin 70 lathe.

3. Set up the Aciera F1 so that the end of the electronic indexing spindle was facing the horizontal spindle so that the 5 circles could be cut Continue reading Third wheel

Mandrel for wheel cutting

I wish to cut multiple copies of the same size wheel in one go, so that I have spares in case of in inevitable mistake, and also so that I may end up with most of the parts for more than one watch with little additional effort. This means making up a mandrel to hold multiple wheel blanks for the wheel cutting process, instead of just using a superglue arbor for a single wheel.

The design of my wheels, with circular Continue reading Mandrel for wheel cutting

Worm drive for wheel cutting on the Aciera F1

At last, more progress on the tool making. After breaking the cutting tool while making the hob for the worm wheel, I started looking around for off-the-shelf worm drives. A low backlash one came up on eBay for $100 including a stepper motor, so I jumped.

My original plan with the bought drive was to bore out the centre of the worm wheel so that it would fit on the spindle of the direct dividing head (or indexing head) of the Continue reading Worm drive for wheel cutting on the Aciera F1