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This is a selection of the lights that I have made. Most are for personal use although I made a batch of 5 lights for my team in an international adventure race.

All-in-one lights

My latest designs have been all-in-one, with the LEDs, driver and batteries all in the same case. The one featured here has 3 Cree XP-G LEDs, 4 lithium ion cells and a driver board from TaskLED.

Prompted by the snow in 2010, I have made smaller versions with a single LED and a single lithium ion cell, which are more suitable for head mounting. Just great for a night ski trip up a local hill after xmas dinner!

A view of the back Continue reading All-in-one lights

Bar lights

Both of my designs used Cree MC-E LEDs, at the time the brightest single package LEDs available. Each emitted approximately 900 lumen and featured driver boards from TaskLED.

The first design:

And the later design, with more effective cooling fins:

Helmet lights

Designed to be compact yet bright enough to ride by, these lights used a driver of my own design and construction, controlled by a PIC micro controller. They featured two brightness levels and a battery monitor to indicate the charge status of the battery. The inspiration for these was partly from the series of adventure races in which I competed (the Challenger World series), where handle-bar mounted lights were not allowed.

For this design, I designed and made up my own surface Continue reading Helmet lights