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Third wheel

The third wheel is the smallest in the going train of my watch, with 90 teeth. The process for making this was:

1. Cut a wheel blank out of 0.2mm titanium sheet.

2. Attach the blank to a brass wax chuck with superglue and turn down to the wheel full diameter on the Schaublin 70 lathe.

3. Set up the Aciera F1 so that the end of the electronic indexing spindle was facing the horizontal spindle so that the 5 circles could be cut Continue reading Third wheel

Progress update – Schaublin lathe

Having been dabbling in lathe dealing over the past few months while trying to get the bits I wanted for my workshop, I’m now almost back at the point of having a working watchmaking lathe: a Schaublin 70 with lots of accessories. Probably not what most would consider a standard setup for a watchmaker but I think I will be exactly what I want: an accurate and rigid setup on which I can turn fine staffs and cut wheels and pinions. Continue reading Progress update – Schaublin lathe