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My choice of materials is likely to be different to most. I have a fascination with titanium, for no particular reason other than liking the appearance and weight.

My first experience of machining titanium was a commission from a friend: I mentioned to him that I fancied making something from titanium, in response to which he asked me to make him a wedding ring. My first attempt (which turned out to be too large) was in grade 5, the final ring Continue reading Materials

Making parts

It’s a small step forward but it feels like I’m making some progress – I’ve made a punch and die set to cut wheel blanks.

The idea of cutting lots of circles from thin titanium by hand didn’t appeal, so I made a punch and die from tool steel. The steel turned surprisingly easily with a satisfyingly good fit between punch and die. The parts were then hardened by heating with a small blow torch and quenching in cooking oil. The punch Continue reading Making parts