Preparing pinion blanks

Steps to prepare a blank for cutting teeth using the Hauser 333. The blank must be 12mm long from the points of the male centres, with at least a 5mm length reduced below the root diameter in order to give cutter clearance. 

  1. Use 1/8″ O1 steel rod for pinions around 2mm diameter;
  2. Extend the rod about 15mm from the face of the collet;
  3. Using the left hand tool, cut a male centre on the end of the rod down to a fine point;
  4. Swap to the right hand tool and face the end, near the point, setting the collar to indicate zero;
  5. Rough turn down to approx 1.25mm diameter for a length of 5mm (this is needed for cutter clearance on the Hauser 333);
  6. Turn the roughed part down to the arbor diameter, probably 0.8mm, for a length of 5mm. This is one end complete;
  7. From the shoulder, rough turn a short length down to approx 2.1mm;
  8. From the shoulder, turn a 0.25mm length for the wheel rivet at 1.24mm diameter;
  9. From the shoulder, rough turn the blank to approx 2.1mm diameter for a total length of 12mm;
  10. From the shoulder, turn down to pinion full diameter (1.91mm for 12 leaf 0.14 module pinion) plus approx 0.03mm, for at least the length of the pinion teeth;
  11. Swap to the left hand tool and turn down the left hand arbor, cutting the pinion down to length;
  12. Swap to the right hand tool and use it to part off the blank, forming a male centre in the process.