Clarkson Mk1 Tool & Cutter Grinder

This grinder was picked up for not much at an auction but since then has sat in the workshop unused. My plan is to use it for sharpening end mills and also for shaping and sharpening lathe tools. 

It came with a few accessories including the centres visible in the photo above and the universal head. 

Unfortunately the head only has one sleeve, shown removed in the photo below. One plan is to make a new sleeve, 1 1/2″ OD to fit the head and bore and taper to match the 5C collets used on my main lathe. Some day. 

Exactly how I shall use it to shape lathe cutters I have not yet worked out. I will probably mount a small vice, perhaps just a block with a slot and a couple of screws, on the universal head to hold the cutters.