Changes to the workshop – the Aciera F3

Having been keeping my eyes open for a nice Aciera F3, I finally found one
this week. For a change, it was only 40 minutes drive away (most of my machines have involved round trips of around 6 hours or more).

Collection was simple, unloading at the workshop wasn’t that much more complicated. With the aid of a borrowed telehandler, it was lifted off the trailer and posted under a shed ready for moving into the workshop.

The next step is to clear space in the workshop, which means selling my Tom Senior M1. The M1 has been a great machine, I’ve just developed a taste for Swiss machines now! Plus I have a stock of W20 collets left over from when I briefly owned a Schaublin 102 lathe, which should be a bit more flexible than the very limited collet MT2 collet set I have.

A few of the accessories that came with it:

W20 collets


The dividing head


W20 centring scope


High speed vertical quill


And a box of various bits, including more dividing plates


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